Development Methods

We have been developing small business databases for over 5 years, and have developed a library of methods and techniques, and packages of code that can be re-used. This results in rapid and efficient development and implementation.

As a result, instead of struggling with packages such as Sage, that can be expensive and difficult to implement, you can have a tailor made database that has exactly the functionality you want for a fraction of the cost.

Rapid development is achieved by identifying at a high level the functional requirements of the database, then progressively developing a prototype in conjunction with you, until the fully operational database is implemented.

Documentation is kept to a minimum, you can see progress from the start, and you are fully involved throughout.

Data can be re-configured and transferred from your legacy systems to the new database, so the business can continue with minimum interruption.

Full support is provided post-launch, with the option of on-going maintenance.

Off-the-shelf components can be assembled to provide:

Security features to prevent un-authorised access.
Multi-user networked data.
Comprehensive search facilities.
Intuitive navigation.
Full data validation.
User maintainable system parameters, drop-downs etc.
Extensive reporting functions to support back-office operations and management controls.
Data extracts to feed accounting systems such as Sage and Quickbooks.
Telesales and bulk marketing actions, including bulk e-mail and Mailmerge.
Standard letter generation for printing or e-mail.

Technical Skills include:

Microsoft Access
Visual basic
SQL Server
Outlook / Word / Excel
MS Office Automation